What is Image Generation AI?

Image Generation AI refers to a system where the AI automatically generates original images in seconds to tens of seconds based on the text input by the user.

This technology is highly beneficial for users who couldn’t create images on their own or who previously downloaded high-quality images from image material websites. In Japan, well-known image generation AIs include “Stable Diffusion” and “Midjourney,” which are gaining attention for revolutionizing the design industry.

Features of Image Generation AI

Many image generation AIs, including Stable Diffusion, generate images closer to the user’s imagination the longer and more detailed the input text is.

This has led to the emergence of a new job called “Prompt Engineering,” where prompt engineers create text inputs (prompts) suitable for image generation AIs to produce images that meet the user’s expectations.

What is Stable Diffusion?

Stable Diffusion, released by Stability AI in August 2022, is an open-source AI model capable of generating realistic images from text or image prompts. This model uses a “latent diffusion model” algorithm, allowing users to generate various images by simply inputting text without needing special programming knowledge.

Stable Diffusion supports high-quality, high-resolution image generation, capable of producing detailed images exceeding 1000 megapixels. It can also handle complex instructions, such as “a cat reading a book by the seaside.”

Additionally, Stable Diffusion supports image inpainting and outpainting, as well as style transfer. Its open-source nature allows anyone to freely improve and customize the model.

How to Use Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion can be used in two main ways:

1.Web Version:

Easily accessible via a browser without needing to register an account. Visit websites like Hugging Face, Dream Studio, or Mage, input text prompts, and click the generate button.

2.Local Environment:

Install Stable Diffusion on your computer, allowing for more advanced settings and customization.

Web Services Providing Stable Diffusion

Here are the experiences of generating images using various web applications:

1.Hugging Face

The operation is straightforward; input text and click the generate button. You can generate images closer to your expectation by adjusting English words and custom options.

2.Dream Studio

Generates images faster than Hugging Face. Input text and click the generate button to quickly produce high-quality images, with custom options available to enhance image quality.


Similar operation to other services; input text and click the generate button. Mage’s feature is the ability to specify negative prompts to exclude unwanted elements from the generated images.

Tips for Beginners

To make the most of Stable Diffusion, consider the following tips:

  • Provide specific instructions: The more specific the instructions, the closer the generated image will be to your expectations.
  • Try multiple prompts: Experiment with different prompts to achieve better results.
  • Provide feedback on generated results: Improve the model’s accuracy by providing feedback on the generated results.


This article explored generating images using Hugging Face, Dream Studio, and Mage. Each platform is easy to use and can effortlessly produce high-quality images. By adjusting custom options, you can create images that closely match your input text’s imagination. We hope you can experience the advancements and enjoyment of image generation AI.

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