What is deepfake?

This is a technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to replace the face or voice of a specific person with the face or voice of another person. This technology is primarily based on a branch of AI called deep learning. In particular, a method called generative adversarial networks (GAN) is often used.

How to create a deepfake

The deepfake creation process proceeds as follows:

  1. Data collection :
  • Collect a large number of images and videos of the target person. This includes images of the person’s face from various angles, facial expressions, and how they speak.
  1. Training the model :
  • Use the collected data to train your AI model. At this stage, it learns how to understand facial features and map them to other faces.
  1. Face composition and adjustment :
  • The trained model is used to synthesize the target face with the source video face. During this process, facial orientation, facial expressions, mouth movements, etc. are adjusted to make them look natural.
  1. Finish and review :
  • Thoroughly check the composite video for artifacts and errors. Make further adjustments as needed.


Examples of real-world uses of deepfake technology include recreating deceased actors in movies and TV shows, and replacing celebrities’ faces with other people in entertainment. However, this technology also carries the risk of being used for malicious purposes, such as spreading misinformation, violating privacy, and fraud.

Deepfake technology is highly advanced and can produce realistic videos, but its use requires ethical considerations. At the same time, technology for identifying fake products is also developing.

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