What is Requirements Definition?

Requirements definition involves clarifying the functions and performance that a system or product must meet in software development or system construction.

The purposes are:

  • Aligning the understanding of the development team and stakeholders
  • Creating development plans and schedules
  • Estimating costs
  • Conducting tests
  • Confirming that the final product or service meets stakeholders’ requirements

When to Perform Requirements Definition

  • Development of new products or services
  • Modification of existing products or services
  • Implementation of business systems
  • Other situations where stakeholders’ requirements need to be clarified


If requirements definition is inadequate, the developed system or product may not meet users’ needs. By understanding user requirements and defining clear specifications, development efficiency and quality can be improved. Proper requirements definition allows the development of systems that meet user and customer needs. Additionally, establishing a common understanding among the development team reduces omissions and waste in the development process, leading to the creation of high-quality systems.

Requirements Definition Process

  1. Information Gathering
    • Interviews with users or customers
    • Surveys
    • Document research
    • Analysis of competing products
  2. Requirements Analysis
    • Analyzing gathered information and organizing needs
    • Classifying functional and non-functional requirements
    • Prioritizing requirements
  3. Creating the Requirements Specification Document
    • Writing the requirements specification document based on gathered information and analysis results
    • The requirements specification document should include:
      • System overview
      • Functional requirements
      • Non-functional requirements
      • Constraints
      • Glossary
  4. Review
    • Conducting reviews with users, customers, and development team members
    • Revising the requirements specification document based on reviews
  5. Approval
    • Having all stakeholders approve the final requirements specification document

Skills Needed for Requirements Definition

  • Communication Skills
    • The ability to accurately understand users’ or customers’ needs and convey them to the development team
  • Analytical Skills
    • The ability to analyze gathered information and organize needs
  • Documentation Skills
    • The ability to clearly write the requirements specification document
  • Problem-Solving Skills
    • The ability to solve problems that arise during the requirements definition process


Requirements definition is a crucial activity in software development and system construction. By thoroughly performing requirements definition, you can meet users’ needs and increase the likelihood of development success.

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