Daily sales reports record the details of daily sales activities and share them with superiors and team members. However, when it comes to writing every day, it is easy to put it off or end up losing focus on the content.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce some points and templates on how to write an efficient daily business report .

Key points on how to write an efficient daily business report

  • write concisely
    • Instead of long sentences, summarize the main points using bullet points.
  • write specifically
    • Instead of simply saying “I visited,” write something more specific, such as “I visited Mr. △△ at ○○ Co., Ltd. and explained about □□.”
  • quantify
    • Let’s quantify what is possible, such as the number of items and the amount.
  • Write the conclusion first
    • Write your conclusion first, then explain the rationale and details.
  • separate facts from subjectivity
    • Make a clear distinction between facts and your own opinions and impressions.
  • Use bullet points
    • Using bullet points makes it easier to read and organize.
  • Write with the reader in mind
    • Keep in mind who will be reading your text, and try to write clearly and concisely.
  • Write not only daily goals but also long-term goals.
    • Write down not only your daily activities, but also what activities you have done to achieve your long-term goals.


Date: April 24, 2024

Name:〇〇 〇〇



1. Goal for the day

  • Number of visits: 20
  • Number of business negotiations: 5
  • Number of orders: 2

2. Schedule

  • 9:00-10:00 Visit to customer A
    • Person in charge: △△
    • Purpose: New proposal
  • 10:00-11:00 Telephone sales to customer B
    • Person in charge: Mr. □□
    • Purpose: Follow up with existing customers
  • 11:00-12:00 Lunch
  • 12:00-13:00 Visit to customer C company
    • Person in charge: Mr. ◇◇
    • Purpose: Closing for orders
  • 13:00-14:00 Submit quotation to customer D
    • Person in charge: Mr. ※※
    • Purpose: Negotiations towards closing the deal
  • 14:00-15:00 Administrative processing
  • 15:00-16:00 Daily report creation

3. Results

  • Number of visits: 18
  • Number of business negotiations: 4
  • Number of orders: 1

4. Impressions

  • During the visit to customer A, we were able to obtain a new project.
  • Through telephone sales to customer B, we were able to lead to the next business meeting.
  • During our visit to customer Company C, we received positive consideration toward receiving the order.
  • When submitting a quotation to customer D, we expect to receive a response within the next week.

5. Assignments for the next day

  • Create proposal materials for customer Company E by tomorrow.
  • Create a follow-up email to customer F.


  • The above is just an example.
  • Items may vary depending on company or department.
  • Customize it to make it easier for you.

Key points for efficiency

  • Utilize templates
    • Create your own template using the templates above as a reference.
  • Take advantage of tools
    • By using SFA tools and daily report creation apps, you can create daily reports efficiently.
  • write in free time
    • Instead of writing all at once every day, write little by little in your spare time.
  • make it a habit
    • Making a habit of writing at the same time every day will make it easier to continue.

Daily sales reports are a valuable tool for visualizing your sales activities and leading to improvements. Please refer to the points and templates introduced this time to efficiently create daily reports and use them to improve your sales activities.

I hope this blog article will be helpful in creating your daily business report.

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