This article explains in detail the basic components and types of phone numbers, especially for new corporate general affairs personnel. We will learn how phone numbers are structured, the differences between area codes and subscriber numbers, and about numbers like 0AB-J and 050.

Basics of Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are used to connect fixed or mobile phones, and in Japan, they usually consist of a 10-digit number. These numbers are assigned according to different regional rules and are managed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Structure of Phone Numbers

  • Area Code: The area code is used to distinguish regions such as prefectures and enables long-distance calling. For example, the area code for Tokyo’s 23 wards is ’03’, and for Osaka City is ’06’. Smaller numbers indicate northern regions, while larger numbers indicate southwestern regions.
  • Subscriber Number: The subscriber number follows the area code and is used for calling within specific municipalities.
  • Subscriber Number: The subscriber number is a unique number assigned to a specific telephone line.

Types of Phone Numbers

  1. 0AB-J The standard fixed phone number uses the format ‘0ABCDEFGHJ’. Here, ‘0’ indicates a domestic call, ABCD represents the area and local codes, and EFGH represents the subscriber number. ‘I’ is not used.
  2. 050 Number Used for IP telephony, these calls are made over the internet, which keeps call costs low.
  3. Mobile Phone Numbers (090, 080, 070) These are mobile phone numbers. Previously, 090 was used for mobile phones and 070 for PHS, but now there is no distinction.
  4. Other Numbers Such as 0120, 0123 for toll-free, 0570 for navigational dial, and 0180 for premium rate services, these numbers are used for providing dedicated services.
TypeFeaturesExampleUsage ScenarioAdvantagesDisadvantages
OAB-J NumberTraditional fixed telephone number03-1234-5678Home, officeEmergency calls possible, high social trustHigh call charges, high initial cost
050 NumberIP telephone number050-1234-5678Home, officeLow call charges, low initial costNo emergency calls, lower trust level
090/080/070 NumberMobile phone number090-1234-5678Personal contact, work contactConvenient portability, rich featuresHigh call charges, location may be unclear in emergencies
OthersToll-free, navigational, premium rate numbers0120-000-111, 0570-000-001, 0180-0000-000Specific service useVaries depending on the service contentDifficult to remember numbers, etc.

How to Choose a Phone Number

When choosing a phone number, consider the following:

  • Calling party: Some can only receive calls on a landline, so this needs to be considered.
  • Call frequency: If you frequently make calls, it is advisable to choose a number with lower call charges.
  • Features required: Choose a number that provides the features you need.
  • Initial costs: There are numbers available that do not have initial costs.


This article briefly explained the types of phone numbers. Understanding the basics of phone numbers, such as area codes and subscriber numbers, is essential for carrying out general affairs work.

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