This article provides a detailed explanation of the differences between IP phones and fixed phones, their mechanisms, and the advantages of IP phones. Especially for companies considering switching from fixed phones to IP phones, this article provides useful information for reference.

What is IP Phone?

IP phone is a phone service that uses an internet connection for calls. Traditional fixed phones transmit voice using telephone lines, whereas IP phones convert voice into digital signals and transmit them over the internet, thus eliminating the need for telephone lines.

Types of IP Phones

1.0ABJ Type: A 10-digit IP phone number that meets the quality standards set by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. It has the same format as a fixed phone number (area code + local exchange + subscriber number), ensuring call quality.

2.050 Type: An 11-digit number composed of “050 + carrier identification number + subscriber number.” The number remains the same regardless of where the call is made from, making it impossible to identify the location of the caller.

3.No Phone Number Type: Applications such as LINE, Skype, and Facebook Messenger that allow calls without a phone number. They use the internet connection for calls, enabling free calls.

Mechanism of IP Phones

IP phones convert voice into IP packets and transmit them over the internet. The process is as follows:

  1. Convert the caller’s voice information into electrical signals.
  2. Use a VoIP gateway to convert the electrical signals into IP packets.
  3. Transmit through the internet.
  4. Convert the IP packets back to electrical signals via a VoIP gateway on the receiving end.
  5. Convert the electrical signals back into voice information.

Key Differences Between IP Phones and Fixed Phones

FeatureIP PhoneFixed Phone
Line Stability and Call QualityAffected by network conditionsExcellent
Installation CostLowHigh
Call ChargesConstant, regardless of distanceVaries with distance
Emergency CallsNot possible except for 0ABJ typePossible
Toll-Free CallsPartially possiblePossible
Usage LineInternet lineAnalog line
Need for InstallationNot needed (if internet available)Needed
Usage FormPhone/PC/SmartphonePhone

Advantages of Adopting IP Phones

  1. Cost Reduction: Lower basic fees and call charges can lead to significant cost savings based on usage.
  2. Suitable for All Company Sizes: Lower initial and operational costs make it easy for small businesses to adopt, and it enables unified management across multiple locations.
  3. Easy System Integration: Easier integration with customer management systems and call recording systems compared to fixed phones.
  4. Quick Installation: No need for wiring installation, and flexible in handling changes in the number of employees and locations.

Points to Note

  1. Cannot be Used During Power Outages: IP phones cannot be used during power outages, so it is necessary to have alternatives such as smartphones.
  2. Affected by Internet Connection: Network issues may lead to call interruptions.
  3. Security Measures: Improper settings or insufficient security measures can lead to unauthorized access risks.

How to Choose IP Phones

When choosing IP phones, consider the following points:

  • Call Charges: Choose the best plan based on usage frequency and call destinations.
  • Features: Check if it has the necessary features.
  • Sound Quality: Test the sound quality through actual use.
  • Emergency Calls: Check if emergency call functionality is needed.
  • Power Outage Response: Verify if it can be used during power outages.


IP phones are recommended for those who want to reduce call costs and use phones conveniently. However, it is important to understand the drawbacks compared to fixed phones, such as sound quality and emergency call functionality. Carefully consider the pros and cons to choose the right IP phone for your needs.

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