In recent years, semi-structured interviews, a qualitative research method, have attracted attention.

A semi-structured interview is an interview method in which questions are asked according to a guide prepared in advance, and questions are changed or added as appropriate depending on the interviewee’s answers to dig deeper.

Unlike traditional structured interviews, interviews have a high degree of freedom, allowing you to extract deeper insights from your interviewees and deepen your understanding of complex issues.


  • You can efficiently dig deep into the content you want to investigate.
  • You can draw out the interviewee’s free speech and gain deep insights.
  • Gain unexpected information and new perspectives
  • Easy to build a relationship of trust with the interviewee

important point

  • Easily influenced by the skills and experience of the researcher
  • interview takes time
  • Analysis takes time
  • Ethical consideration required


  • prepare well in advance
  • Build a relationship of trust with the interviewee
  • Practice active listening
  • Keep questions open-ended
  • take good notes
  • Remember ethical considerations

Application example

  • User interviews: Understand user needs and challenges to help develop new products and services.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey: Measure customer satisfaction and find areas for improvement.
  • Employee satisfaction survey: Measure employee satisfaction and consider measures to improve motivation.
  • Market research: Understand market trends and develop competitive strategies.
  • Social research: Understanding the current state of social problems and searching for solutions.
  • Psychological research: understanding human psychology.
  • Educational research: Measuring educational effectiveness and improving teaching methods.
  • Media: Coverage for articles and programs.
  • Government agencies: Collect information for policy making.
  • Nonprofit organizations: Evaluate the results of their activities.

success story

  • Through user interviews, Airbnb has improved its service by understanding users’ needs and challenges when it comes to booking accommodations.
  • Through user interviews, Netflix understands what kind of movies and dramas users want to watch and enriches its content.
  • Through user interviews, Apple understands what products and services users want and develops innovative products and services.

Future prospects for semi-structured interviews

Semi-structured interviews are expected to continue to be used as an important research method in the future. This is because qualitative data is becoming increasingly important in the information society, it is difficult to understand complex issues using traditional quantitative research methods, and semi-structured interviews are The reason for this is that I can draw out Yi’s deep insights.

In the future, semi-structured interviews will be used even more effectively in combination with technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data.


Semi-structured interviews are a powerful research technique that can be used in a variety of situations. By developing and actively using your interview skills, you can gain deeper insights and make better decisions.

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