Progress management is essential for projects and operations to proceed smoothly and aim to achieve goals . Progress management is a management method that guides a project to success by comparing plans and actual results and discovering and resolving issues early.

However, simply blindly managing progress will not be effective. Here are seven tips for making your project a success.

What is progress management?

Progress management refers to comparing the progress of a project or work with the plan and making adjustments to achieve the goal .

Specifically, we manage the following three elements :

  • Progress : Completion status of tasks and milestones
  • Schedule : Discrepancy between plan and actual progress
  • Challenges : Problems that impede the execution of a project or business.

By visualizing these elements , you can understand the overall picture of the project and discover and resolve problems early .

1. Clarify your goals and plans

First, it’s important to clarify your project goals and plans . A goal is a specific outcome of what you want to achieve . A plan is the tasks and schedule needed to accomplish your goals .

By clarifying goals and plans, you can ensure that team members are on the same page and increase motivation .

2. Break down tasks into smaller parts

Breaking down large tasks into smaller tasks makes it easier to track and manage your progress .

Completing small tasks can also give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated .

3. Set the schedule

By setting a schedule for each task , you can easily manage the progress of the entire project .

When setting your schedule, it’s important to be flexible . By doing so, you will be able to deal with any unexpected problems that may arise .

4. Visualize your progress

Visualizing progress using visual tools such as graphs and charts makes it easier to understand progress and identify problems early .

Tools such as Excel and Gantt chart tools can be used to visualize progress .

5. Close communication

Close communication between team members allows them to share progress and issues , and to discover and resolve problems early .

In addition, close communication can improve the morale of team members .

6. Manage risk

Projects and operations involve various risks . A risk is an event that can hinder the success of a project .

By identifying risks in advance and taking countermeasures , you can minimize the impact of risks .

7. Review your progress

By regularly reviewing progress , you can check for discrepancies between the plan and progress , and revise the plan if necessary .

It is important to involve all team members when reviewing progress .


Progress management is essential for project success .

Please refer to the seven tips introduced this time to practice effective progress management.

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