With the development of machine translation, the threshold for translation has been lowered, but natural translation that captures nuances and cultural context is still something only humans can do.

1. Difficulties in Korean translation: the close relationship between culture and language

One of the difficulties in Korean translation is the cultural differences between Korea and Japan .

For example, in Korean, it is common to use humble and respectful language towards superiors, but in Japanese, this is not as strict.

Additionally, Korea has its own unique culture and customs , and if you are not aware of these, the nuances of the translation may not be accurately conveyed or may lead to misunderstandings.

Therefore, in order to do Korean translation, it is necessary to understand not only Korean words but also Korean culture and customs.

2. Impact on translation quality: Correct understanding of technical terms

When translating in professional fields , it is particularly important to correctly understand professional terminology .

For example, when translating a medical paper , if you do not understand the medical terminology accurately, it may lead to mistranslation and the content of the paper may be significantly changed.

In addition, when translating legal documents , inaccurate understanding of legal terminology will also affect the legal effect.

Therefore, in order to carry out translation in a specialized field, it is important to have professional knowledge in that field.

3. Use machine translation to improve both efficiency and accuracy

In recent years, machine translation technology has made rapid progress and is being used to improve translation efficiency.

However, machine translation is not a panacea. Natural translation that captures nuance and cultural context is still something only humans can do.

Therefore, machine translation can only be used as an auxiliary tool, and the translated content must ultimately be checked by humans.

4. Essential skills for Korean translators

The basic skills of a Korean translator are:

  • High level of Korean
  • Japanese language ability
  • Learn about Korean culture and customs
  • Professional field knowledge (as needed)
  • Information collection capabilities
  • logical thinking ability
  • Written communication skills
  • Communication skills

5. Korean translation career path

In order to become a Korean translator, you must first acquire high-level Korean and Japanese language skills.

You can then hone your skills by gaining experience in a translation agency or as a freelancer, or by obtaining a qualification in your field of expertise.

It is also important to acquire skills that can be used in areas other than translation, such as interpreting and working in overseas sectors.

Korean translation is a deep and rewarding job. Please refer to the above content and try the world of Korean translation.

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