For those who want to learn English but lack time and money, or for those struggling to help their children learn English consistently, here are some easy-to-start English learning apps.

We have selected apps that are especially recommended for beginners and those who want to learn everyday English conversation.

Top 10 Recommended English Learning Apps

1.Felo Translator

High-precision AI translation app with multilingual support

Felo Translator is an AI simultaneous interpretation app equipped with GPT-4 engine and RRT technology, capable of quickly and accurately translating audio in over 15 foreign languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Japanese. It is useful for practicing English with foreigners.


  • High-precision translation: The GPT-4 engine enables highly accurate and rapid translations.
  • Multilingual support: Supports over 15 foreign languages, allowing translation between various languages.
  • Learning support: Supports downloading original and translated texts, assisting in learning accurate expressions and pronunciation.


  • The free version has limited features

Felo Translator is recommended for all language learners and professionals as a translation app with rich features that even beginners can use easily.


A globally used free app that allows learning in a game-like manner

Duolingo is suitable for starting from the basic level, making it easy for English learning beginners to start. The cute characters and game-like learning method are also popular reasons.


  • Easy for absolute beginners as it starts from the basics
  • Completely free to use (also has a paid version)
  • Fun and engaging game-like learning


  • Limited listening and speaking curriculum


An app specializing in memorizing and reviewing words and phrases

Memrise allows learning a wealth of English words and phrases. It uses visual learning methods and game-like approaches to efficiently increase vocabulary.


  • Visual learning of words
  • Fun and engaging game-like learning
  • Multilingual support


  • Limited content in the free version


A convenient tool for creating and sharing study cards

Quizlet allows users to create study cards and use them for efficient review, especially suitable for vocabulary and key concepts.


  • Can create your own study cards
  • Can also use shared cards
  • Wide variety of content


  • Some features are restricted in the free version


Systematized English learning courses

Babbel offers English learning courses for beginners to advanced learners, comprehensively enhancing vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills.


  • Systematized curriculum
  • Diverse lesson content
  • Practical conversation practice


  • Mainly paid plans


An English learning app with rich video materials

EnglishCentral allows learning by watching videos, making it ideal for listening and pronunciation practice.


  • Rich video content
  • Can practice listening and pronunciation
  • Automatic subtitle function


  • Some content is paid

7.ELSA Speak

An app that corrects pronunciation using AI technology

ELSA Speak uses AI technology to learn correct pronunciation, specializing in pronunciation correction.


  • AI pronunciation correction
  • Detailed pronunciation feedback
  • Strengthens listening and pronunciation


  • Limited lessons in the free version


Highly efficient flashcard app

Anki allows efficient memorization of vocabulary using flashcards. You can also create your own cards.


  • Efficient memorization
  • Customizable cards
  • Rich free version features


  • Initial setup can be time-consuming


Uses YouTube videos as materials, allowing learning from topics of interest. Categorized by difficulty levels, making it reassuring for beginners.


  • Can learn through videos of preferred genres, learning natural daily conversation phrases.


  • Limited pronunciation analysis and vocabulary review times in the free version.


  • Free plan, paid plan starting at ¥1,400 per month

10.TANZAM English Vocabulary App

A new sensory app for learning vocabulary through illustrations and photos.


  • Fun and efficient learning, making it easy to remember.


  • May be slightly difficult for beginners.


  • Completely free

Benefits of Using English Learning Apps

  • Utilize spare time: Can progress learning during travel time or breaks, making full use of spare moments.
  • Learn anywhere: Learning is possible anywhere with just a smartphone.
  • Rich free features: Most apps are basically free to use, reducing learning costs.
  • Fun learning: Many apps use game-like methods, making them suitable for children’s learning.

Disadvantages of Using English Learning Apps

  • Difficult to concentrate: Smartphone notifications may interrupt concentration.
  • Difficult to maintain motivation: It can be challenging to keep motivation when learning alone.

Points to Note When Using Apps for Learning English

  • Be cautious of being directed to paid versions: Be cautious as you may be directed to paid versions while using the free version.
  • Update to the latest version: Frequently update apps and operating systems to access new features and bug fixes.


English learning apps are ideal tools for busy individuals and beginners. Each app has its unique features, advantages, and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose one that suits your learning style and goals.

  • Effective time use: Utilize spare moments for learning.
  • Learn anywhere: Learning is possible anywhere with just a smartphone.
  • Rich free features: Many apps are basically free to use, reducing learning costs.
  • Fun learning: Game-like apps make learning enjoyable and easier to continue.

However, smartphone notifications may interrupt concentration, and maintaining learning motivation can be challenging. Also, be cautious of being directed to paid versions and keep apps updated.

Considering these points, choose the most suitable English learning app for yourself and enjoy an engaging and efficient learning process.

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