In web marketing, CV (conversion) is an important indicator to measure the final results. However, many people may be wondering, “What exactly is a CV?” and “How can I improve my CV?”

Therefore, this time, we will comprehensively explain everything from the basic knowledge of CV to the types of CV and specific methods to increase the CV rate. By the time you finish reading the article, you too should become a CV master for maximizing the results of your website!

1. What is CV?

CV (conversion) is when a website visitor takes an action that leads to a final outcome .

for example,

  • EC site: Purchase products
  • Material download site: Material download
  • E-mail newsletter distribution site: E-mail newsletter registration
  • Membership registration site: Membership registration

etc. correspond to CV.

In short, CV is the moment when the site operator achieves the goal he or she wants to achieve .

2. Types of CV

CVs can be broadly divided into two types.

a. Macro conversion

  • Product purchase
  • Material download
  • Member registration

Conversion is the ultimate goal of website management .

b. Micro conversion

  • View product details page
  • Add to cart
  • Opening email newsletter

These are actions that are likely to lead to macro conversions .

3. What is CV rate?

CV rate is an index calculated as the ratio of the number of CVs to the number of site visitors .

For example, if you have 100 visitors and 1 person purchases a product, your CV rate is 1%.

The CV rate is a numerical expression of the degree of achievement of the site’s results , and a high CV rate indicates that the site management is successful.

4. How to boost your CV

The following measures are effective in increasing your CV.

a. Clarify your target audience

  • By clarifying what kind of users you want to encourage to achieve CV, you can take more effective measures.

b. Analyze user behavior

  • By analyzing how users visit your site and what actions they take, you can find points to improve your CV rate.

c. Set up a CTA

  • Place a CTA (Call to Action) in an easy-to-understand location to encourage users to take action.

d. Improve your landing page

  • Let’s improve landing pages, such as product pages and document download pages, which have a big impact on CV rates.

e. Run an A/B test

  • Create pages with different designs and wording and conduct A/B testing to see which one has a higher conversion rate.

f. Utilize advertising

  • Use search engine ads, social media ads, etc. to reach your target audience.

g. Implement SEO measures

  • Take SEO measures so that your website appears high on the search engine results screen.

5. Summary

It is no exaggeration to say that conversion is the most important indicator in web marketing. Using the measures introduced here, we hope you will improve your company’s conversion rate and maximize your results!

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