In addition to the shocking experience brought by the opening DJ, what are the other highlights of Google I/O 2024? Here’s a quick review for you:

1. Introduction to Gemini Pro: Ultra-long context & multi-modality

  • Supports ultra-long context processing of two million tokens, truly achieving context understanding.
  • It has multi-modal processing capabilities and can understand pictures, videos and other information.
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2. Layout and situation: the future of the AI ​​field

  • Released the sixth generation TPU – Trillium, which greatly increases computing power.
  • DeepMind releases new models Imagen3, Music AI sandbox and Veo, making breakthroughs in image, audio and video generation.
  • Integration with Google Workspace
Multi-modal task processing and image understanding capabilities enable users to complete complex tasks based on images, such as auxiliary programming and location queries.

3. Gemini’s series of applications: full bloom

  • Multi-modal task processing: Complete complex tasks based on images, such as assisted programming, location query, etc.
  • Integrated with Google Workspace: Email summary, intelligent voice assistant, data visualization and other functions to help with work.
  • Enhanced version of search: “AI+ search” function, known as “search anything”, meets more user needs.
  • “Ask the video” function: Use videos to conduct questions and answers, breaking through the limitations of text.
Email summary (mailbox is connected to AI assistant for quick summary)
real-time intelligent voice assistant (summarizes content and conducts voice communication discussions)
Visual display of data question and answer results in workspace

In general, the Google I/O 2024 conference focused on AI technology, showing its latest achievements and future layout in various fields. I believe that in the near future, AI will penetrate more deeply into our lives and bring us a more convenient and intelligent life experience.

Here are some additional details and my personal opinion:

  • During the Gemini Pro introduction session, Google demonstrated its capabilities in ultra-long context processing and multi-modal processing, marking another major advancement in AI technology.
  • The release of the new generation of TPU will further promote the development of AI technology and enable AI models to handle more complex tasks.
  • The three new models released by DeepMind have achieved impressive results in their respective fields, demonstrating DeepMind’s leading position in AI research.
  • Gemini’s series of applications demonstrate the huge potential of AI technology in practical applications. It is believed that more innovative applications based on Gemini will appear in the future.
  • The launch of enhanced search features will make Google Search smarter, better understand user intent, and provide more accurate and relevant information.
  • The “ask the video” function is very creative and is expected to become a new way of human-computer interaction.

The Google I/O 2024 conference is a wonderful event that allows us to see the huge potential and broad prospects of AI technology. We look forward to next year’s I/O conference bringing us more surprises!

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