What is memo?

A memo (memorandum) is a document used to record information that is easily forgotten, so it can be remembered later. In business, it is used in various contexts such as meeting minutes, task notes, and organizing ideas.

Memos have three main roles:

  • Prevention of Forgetfulness: By recording important information, it can be recalled later.
  • Sharing: Sharing information with stakeholders smoothens communication.
  • Evidence: It serves as evidence when facts need to be verified later.

How to Create Memos in Business

When creating a memo, it’s important to be mindful of the following five points:

1.Clarify the 5W1H

The 5W1H stands for “What,” “Why,” “Who,” “When,” “Where,” and “How.” Clarifying these elements when creating a memo ensures that all necessary information is recorded without any omissions.

2.Record only the main points and keywords

Attempting to record all details can make the key points unclear. Focus on the main points and keywords to keep the information manageable and easy to read.

3.Write concisely

Memos should be written in a concise manner to ensure they are quick and easy to read. Lengthy documents can become tedious to revisit.

4.Include the date and signature

It should be clear who created the document and when. Always include a date and signature.

5.Regularly review

Regularly reviewing the memos ensures that they are updated as necessary, allowing for the verification of the most current information.

Types of Memos Useful in Business Scenes

In business, various types of memos are utilized, including:

  • Meeting minutes: Records the flow and decisions of meetings, shared with participants.
  • Task notes: Tracks daily tasks and project progress.
  • Idea organization: Useful for recording the outcomes of brainstorming sessions and creative thoughts.
  • Phone memos: Records important details from phone meetings or calls for later reference.
  • Travel memos: Notes information and experiences gained during business trips, useful later for report writing and sharing information.


In the business world, memos hold value beyond just being a recording tool. By effectively using them, they contribute to operational efficiency, accurate information sharing, and improved communication among teams.

Implementing the above-mentioned points in daily business operations could be a step towards business success.

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