What is vocal remover?

A vocal remover is a software or hardware device that can be used to separate vocals from songs and create karaoke or acapella versions of songs, or to create instrumental practice tracks.

Types of vocal remover

There are three types of vocal removers: software-based, hardware-based, and online.

  • Software-based is a program that runs on a computer. It is often used as part of other audio editing software.
  • Hardware-based ones are independent devices. Can be used by connecting to a computer.
  • Online ones are programs that can be run on a website. It is generally free to use, but may have limited functionality.

How vocal remover works

Vocal remover works by separating vocals and instrumentals. Various techniques are used to do this, including frequency filtering, phase cancellation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Frequency filtering is a technique that removes certain frequencies normally found in vocals.
  • Phase cancellation is a technique that causes the vocal and instrumental signals to cancel each other out.
  • AI is a technique that can be used to differentiate between vocals and instrumentals.

How to use vocal remover

To use Vocal Remover, follow these steps:

  1. Select the song you want to remove vocals from.
  2. Open Vocal Remover.
  3. Load the song into Vocal Remover.
  4. Adjust vocal remover settings.
  5. Allow vocal remover to process the song.
  6. Listen to the results.

Precautions when using vocal remover

  • Vocal removers aren’t perfect. In some cases, some of the vocals may not be removed, or some of the instrumental may be removed.
  • Vocal remover may affect the quality of your songs. Using a vocal remover can make your songs sound muffled or unnatural.
  • It is illegal to use vocal remover on copyrighted material.

Points to consider when choosing a vocal remover

When choosing a vocal remover, it’s important to consider your needs and budget.

  • Necessary features:  Vocal remover has a variety of features. Choose one that has all the features you need.
  • Price:  Vocal removers range from free to tens of thousands of yen. Choose according to your budget.
  • Ease of use:  Some vocal removers can be complicated to use. Choose one that is easy to use.

Examples of how to use vocal remover

  • Karaoke: You can remove the vocals and create karaoke accompaniment.
  • Acapella: By extracting only the vocals, you can create an acapella chorus.
  • Instrument practice: You can create an instrument practice track by removing the vocals.
  • Music production: By removing vocals, you can add new vocals to existing songs, or combine instrumental parts with other songs to create new songs.
  • Video editing: Removing vocals from videos makes it easier to insert narration and background music.

How to choose a vocal remover

When choosing a vocal remover, consider the following points:

Functions: Vocal Remover has various functions. Choose one that has all the features you need.

  • Vocal separation accuracy:  How accurately you can separate vocals and instrumentals.
  • Noise removal function:  How much noise can be removed when removing vocals.
  • Sound quality:  How much does the sound quality remain after vocal deletion?
  • Usability:  Is it easy to use?
  • Supported file formats:  Do the supported file formats suit your needs?

Price: Vocal removers range from free to tens of thousands of yen. Choose according to your budget.

Usage scenario: Do ​​you want to edit carefully on a computer, or do you want to use it easily on a smartphone?

Recommended vocal remover


  • Audacity : Standard open source audio editing software. Also equipped with vocal remover function.
  • WavePad : Free version has limited functionality.


  • iZotope RX : Vocal remover for professionals. Highly accurate separation and noise removal function.
  • Vocal Remover Pro : Vocal remover app for smartphones. Easy to operate.

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We hope this information helps you find the best vocal remover tool for you!


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