Glarity, your all-in-one summarization tool, has consistently evolved to simplify your information journeys. On October 31st of this year, Glarity unveiled a significant upgrade on the Product Hunt platform. We are delighted to introduce you to our latest features, which further solidify Glarity as your powerful companion in reading and writing. Additionally, in this article, we will explore Glarity’s core and classic features, providing a comprehensive understanding of what Glarity has to offer.

Core Features:

Cross-Language Summary—-Read the World in Your Mother Tongue

Advantages: Unleashing the power of multilingual summarization, Glarity lets you quickly understand content in your native language.

Seamless Understanding: Glarity automatically recognizes the language you are interacting with and generates clear and understandable summaries in the same language. No more language confusion, ensuring you access information effortlessly.

Multilingual Proficiency: With support for 14 languages, Glarity empowers users to quickly grasp content in their mother tongue. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who need to access information in multiple languages.

For more detailed information, please refer to our official website article: {(01)Glarity: Cross-Language Summary——Read the World in Your Mother Tongue}

New Features:

New Feature 1: Side-by-Side Translation – Emhancing Cross-Language Reading


Elevate your ability to understand and comprehend content in foreign languages with our groundbreaking Side-by-Side Translation feature. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

  1. Instant Clarity: Say goodbye to the inconvenience of switching between translation tools or navigating unfamiliar languages. With Side-by-Side Translation, you receive an immediate, side-by-side translation display, making it easier to grasp the content’s meaning.
  2. Enhanced Learning: In addition to providing instant clarity, Side-by-Side Translation empowers language learners to improve their language skills. Compare the translated text to the original and learn how sentences and phrases are constructed.

For more detailed information, please refer to our official website article: {(03)Glarity: Side-by-Side Translation ——Enhancing Cross-Language Reading}

New Feature 2: Summarize Gmail and Provide Quick Replies – Make Writing Easy.


  1. Swift and Intuitive: Glarity’s Gmail Summary& Quick Reply feature streamlines your email management, allowing you to grasp the sender’s intent swiftly. No more sifting through lengthy emails; Glarity distills the essence, making your email interactions efficient.
  2. Tailored Responses: With Glarity’s quick reply suggestions, responding to emails becomes a breeze. Choose from positive, negative, or neutral responses, and let Glarity craft concise replies. This feature is not just a time-saver; it ensures your responses align with the tone you want to convey.

For more detailed information, please refer to our official website article: {(06) Glarity: Gmail Summary& Quick Reply – Make Writing Easy.}

Classic Features:

I. Summarize Various Content Types (Web Pages, Videos, PDFs, and More)

  1. Summarize YouTube Video Content.

No more need to watch lengthy videos! Glarity provides concise summaries of YouTube videos, allowing you to grasp key information in just a few sentences, saving you valuable time.

For more detailed information, please refer to our official website article: {(02)Glarity: Summary for YouTube video——Make YouTube your learning platform!}

  1. Summarize Google Search Results.

Glarity can analyze Google search results, distill core content, and provide concise summaries, complete with source citations. No need to delve into numerous web pages! quickly access the information you need.

For more detailed information, please refer to our official website article: {(04)Glarity: Summarizing Google Search Results — Streamlining Your Information Gathering}

  1. Summarize Twitter Posts.

Cross-language summarization of tweets and comments! No more drowning in the sea of social media noise. Glarity condenses the essence of Twitter discussions, presenting you with bite-sized, impactful summaries that cut through the clutter.

  1. Summarize PDF Files.

Yes, we can summarize PDFs too! Download the PDF to your local device and open it in your browser, then simply click the Glarity icon to use!

  1. Summarization for News and Research Sites.

Generate summaries for news and academic websites, including Japanese Yahoo! News and PubMed.

We are continuously expanding our content types to provide more specialized summaries.

II. Intelligent Q&A and Chat

Ask questions about current web pages/documents or engage in casual conversations, just like chatting with ChatGPT.

For more detailed information, please refer to our official website article: {(05)Glarity: Ask Anything——Ready to Answer Your Questions Anytime!}

III. Customizable Prompt Commands

Users can customize prompt commands to receive different types of summaries based on their interests.

  1. Navigate to the Glarity settings center and choose “Customize Prompt for Summary,” then locate the platform for which you wish to adjust the summaries.
  1. Simply input English commands directly into the default command box and click “Save.” You can customize the style, length, and other aspects of the summaries by entering specific commands.

Glarity also provides some example prompt commands for your reference.

In Conclusion:

Glarity, your all-in-one cross-language summarization tool, comprehensively enhances your search, video-watching, reading, and writing experiences.

Summarize search results for convenient information retrieval; condense YouTube videos to facilitate quicker and better knowledge absorption. Enhance your reading experience through Side-By-Side translation and intelligent Q&A. Simplify Gmail management by summarizing emails and providing quick replies, making writing a breeze.

What’s more, Glarity is ad-free, and ChatGPT users can enjoy its services for free. You can also customize prompt commands to receive personalized summaries tailored to your preferences.

Glarity is dedicated to helping you swiftly extract the information you need from the vast ocean of data, improving both your work and study efficiency.

Give Glarity a try now and elevate your productivity starting today!

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