Felo Free Travel Translator: Integrated ChatGPT Bidirectional Instant Translation

Many people are beginning to consider traveling abroad, but the biggest concern is the language barrier. Even though English is a universal language, it’s common to encounter situations where you don’t understand what’s being said. If you’re an iPhone user, I recommend using a free and powerful travel translation tool, the Felo Translator App. It supports bidirectional instant translation and integrates GPT-4 and ChatGPT translation. Simply hold it in your hand, and it will immediately translate when the other person speaks, making it easy to communicate even if you’re not strong in foreign languages.

Felo Free Travel Translator: Integrated ChatGPT Bidirectional Instant Translation

Felo Translator is a free AI-powered instant translation tool app that integrates the GPT-4 model. It can be used directly without the need for registration or login. It enables instant bidirectional voice conversation translation without the need to switch or press any conversation buttons. It is well-suited for travel, language learning, oral practice, listening to foreign broadcasts, or following foreign language guides. The standout feature of Felo Translator is its use of secondary translation technology. The developers refer to this project as RRT (Real-time ReWrite Translate), which utilizes the latest GPT technology to provide faster translation and higher accuracy, all while incorporating simultaneous interpretation. Download the Felo Translator translation app.

How to Use Felo Translator?

Currently, Felo Translator is only available for iPhone and iPad users. The developers have not released an Android version yet, but it’s expected that one may be available in the future.

Initial Microphone and Language Setup

The first time you download and open the Felo Real-Time Translation app, it will request access to your microphone. Be sure to click “Allow” to enable recording and utilize AI technology for voice recognition. Next, you will be prompted to set the Felo translation language. You can start by selecting the most commonly used bidirectional translation language, and you can adjust it later.

Instant Bidirectional Translation Conversation

Once you enter the main interface of Felo Real-Time Translation, you can easily switch between different bidirectional languages in the upper left corner.

There are pause and play function buttons at the bottom, and it’s set to automatically listen through the microphone. When traveling to Japan, using Felo Translator can be incredibly convenient. Speaking in Chinese will be instantly translated into Japanese. You can also directly click the play icon on the right to play the translated voice, and the other person can respond directly after listening or watching. Similarly, it can also translate Japanese directly into Chinese, making the entire process feel like having a translator quickly mediating in between.

Switching Bidirectional Translation Languages

You can easily change the translation language by clicking on the top left corner. The tool supports 13 instant voice translation options, including Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Thai, Czech, and Cantonese.

For example, when traveling to France, you often meet local residents who do not understand English, and you can also use Felo real-time translation to communicate. If you are talking to a French host face to face after booking a room through Airbnb, the host may not understand English. In this case, a mobile interpreter is often used to assist. Of course, Felo’s performance in two-way translation of other languages is also good, and machine translation can be understood by and large.

Of course, Felo performs quite well in bidirectional translation for other languages as well. The translations are generally understandable.

History Records and Translation Audio Output

If you wish to save your conversation history for future reference, you can simply click on the upper right corner and select “Archive.” This action will store the conversation in your history records and reopen a fresh translation page.

Additionally, within the settings, you have the option to enable “Automatic Voice Output after Translation,” which eliminates the need to manually click the play button after a translation is complete.


Overall, Felo Translator performs well in instant translation. However, during bidirectional translation, it’s advisable to wait for one party to finish speaking before responding to avoid confusion resulting from both parties speaking simultaneously. Occasionally, you might encounter situations where the translation does not appear on the screen despite the completion of speech. In such cases, you will need to close the application from the background and reopen it to restore normal functionality. There may also be instances where the translation source is not specified or where errors appear in the translation results.

Currently, Felo Translator is available for free. The developer said that if there are too many users in the future, OpenAI Key functionality may be added to let users use their own API keys. It’s currently in the free AI-4 translation phase, so grab the opportunity to use it!


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