The new version is here! Felo Translator translation app has been upgraded with the addition of three new languages and a convenient history deletion feature.

AI simultaneous translation app,“Felo Translator,” has rolled out its latest version. This version introduces support for Indonesian, Cantonese, and Czech, along with a history deletion feature. These enhancements cater to a more diverse user base, especially those concerned about privacy and keeping their device storage clean.

As a translation app powered by state-of-the-art GPT technology, Felo Translator has significantly overcome the challenges faced by traditional translation tools. With its outstanding performance and high-quality translations, it has garnered support from numerous users. In this new version, it takes another step forward.

The new version now supports a total of 13 languages, including English,Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Thai, as well as the newly added Indonesian, Cantonese, and Czech languages. Additionally, the newly introduced history deletion feature allows users to effortlessly clear their translation history. This new feature proves highly convenient for privacy-conscious users and those who like to organize their translation records.

Mr. Watanabe, the Product Manager of Felo Translator, remarked,“We are delighted to make Felo Translator accessible to even more users with this new release. The support for new languages and the addition of the history deletion feature enhance the convenience of this product. In the future, Felo Translator will continue to deliver even more exceptional translation experiences.”

Felo Translator remains committed to providing fast and high-quality translation experiences for users worldwide, working tirelessly to eliminate language barriers.


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