SMS is a convenient tool that allows you to easily send and receive messages, but sometimes they don’t arrive. You may feel panicked, but in many cases, the problem can be solved with simple steps.

This time, we will introduce the reasons why SMS is not being delivered and 5 solutions that you can try right away.

1. Setting to reject reception

The most common reason for not receiving SMS is due to rejection settings. It may be rejected by your carrier’s spam mail protection settings or individual phone number settings.


  • Check your spam protection settings to make sure SMS blocking is not enabled.
  • If you have set reception refusal settings for each destination, cancel them.
  • Cancel the setting to reject SMS from overseas.

2. Radio wave condition

If you are in an area with poor reception, you may not be able to send or receive SMS. Of course, if you are out of range, you will not be able to receive SMS.


  • Move to a place with better signal strength.
  • If airplane mode is on, turn it off.

3. Insufficient memory/excess data amount

If your smartphone has insufficient memory, you may not be able to receive SMS. Also, if you exceed the contracted capacity of your data communication plan, you may not be able to receive SMS.


  • Delete unnecessary apps and data to free up space on your smartphone.
  • Check the contract capacity of your data communication plan and change your plan if necessary.

4. Device malfunction

If there is a problem with your smartphone’s software or hardware, you may not be able to receive SMS.


  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Update your smartphone’s software to the latest version.
  • Initialize your smartphone.
  • Consult your smartphone retailer or repair company.

5. Cheap SIM

Some low-cost SIM cards have restrictions on sending and receiving SMS.


  • Check the terms of use of your cheap SIM card and check if there are any restrictions on SMS sending and receiving functions.
  • If your SMS sending and receiving functions are limited, switch to a low-cost SIM card with SMS functionality.


If you still do not receive the SMS after trying the above methods, please contact your mobile phone company’s support center. Also, check with the person you sent the SMS to to make sure they received it properly.


If you don’t receive an SMS, don’t worry, try referring to the causes and solutions introduced here. In many cases, the problem can be resolved with simple steps.

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