If you are thinking about taking on the TOEIC but don’t know how to study or find it difficult to secure study time due to a busy schedule, this article will introduce five apps that are helpful for TOEIC preparation.

We will also explain the benefits of using these apps, how to choose them, and effective ways to use them, so please use this as a reference.

TOEIC Preparation is Possible with Apps

Using apps for English learning and TOEIC preparation is highly efficient. By using apps, you can effectively utilize your spare time, such as during commutes or breaks, and naturally progress with your studies in daily life.

Free or Paid Apps, Which is Better?

It’s a good idea to start with free apps to find a learning method that suits you. While free apps can provide effective learning, paid apps often offer more comprehensive features and content.

Who is Suitable for Studying with Apps?

Studying with apps is particularly suitable for:

  • Those who are too busy to attend school
  • Those who want to study steadily at their own pace
  • Those who can manage their study schedule independently


  • Utilize spare time effectively
  • Study anywhere, anytime
  • Many features available even for free
  • Learn enjoyably with a game-like approach


  • Cannot ask questions immediately
  • Need to manage study schedule by oneself
  • Risk of choosing an app that doesn’t suit you

How to Choose TOEIC Preparation Apps

Choose an app that matches your English level:

Using an app that doesn’t match your English level may not be effective. If your basics are not solid, choose an app that allows you to learn the basics.

Choose an app that meets your needs:

Clarify which areas you want to focus on and choose an app accordingly. For example, if you want to strengthen your listening skills, choose an app that specializes in listening.

Recommended TOEIC Preparation Apps 5 Picks

1. abceed


abceed is an app that uses AI to recommend the best questions based on TOEIC score prediction and level check. Users can choose from over 200 English learning materials and the app includes automatic scoring and error recording features, allowing users to identify and focus on their weak points.


  • AI recommends the best questions based on individual learning progress
  • Efficient review with automatic scoring and error recording
  • Choose from over 200 materials that suit you


  • Limited materials available in the free version

2. Training TOEIC test


Training TOEIC test is a free app that includes 400 listening questions and 383 grammar and reading comprehension questions. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced learners and offers essential vocabulary and practice questions for each part of the test according to target scores.


  • A large number of questions are included for practical practice
  • Study according to your level and needs
  • Free to use


  • May be difficult for beginners
  • Ads may be displayed

3. TOEIC Official Content by IIBC


TOEIC Official Content by IIBC includes all the content from TOEIC presents English Upgrader. Users can learn business and everyday English expressions, enhancing practical English skills. The app also features background audio playback, helping to strengthen listening skills.


  • Reliable official content
  • Learn business and everyday English expressions
  • Free to use


  • Content update frequency may be low
  • Ads may be displayed

4. レシピー (Recipe)


レシピー allows you to study by reading news articles from around the world. Users can improve their English skills while engaging with current issues and foreign cultures, making it suitable for TOEIC preparation. By learning actual English expressions through news, users can enhance their listening and reading skills.


  • Learn English through the latest news articles
  • Study while engaging with current issues and cultures
  • Includes practice questions for each part of the test


  • Paid app, so it costs money
  • May be difficult to continue if uninterested in news content

5. Santa


Santa is an all-in-one app especially popular among TOEIC beginners. AI predicts the user’s TOEIC score and provides the most suitable curriculum. Users can study vocabulary, watch video grammar lectures, and take mini mock tests for free, and progress efficiently with AI-customized study plans.


  • AI provides study plans based on individual learning status
  • Covers a wide range of study content from vocabulary to mock tests
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • Many features require the paid version
  • Monthly fees apply

Apps Specializing in Grammar Learning

  • TOEIC Part 5 English Questions: A simple and easy-to-use free app. Questions are presented in a multiple-choice quiz format.
  • English 1560 Questions TOEIC Test Grammar/Vocabulary/Listening Preparation: Includes 1560 questions with detailed explanations to help users learn deeply.
  • Quick Shot English Grammar: Suitable for reviewing junior high and high school English grammar, studying content close to TOEIC question formats.

Points to Note When Using Apps

Check if you can continue to pay monthly fees: Before switching to a paid plan, try the free plan to ensure it suits your learning habits.


English learning requires daily accumulation. By using apps, you can make effective use of spare time to study. We hope you find the app that suits you from those introduced in this article and start trying it out.

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