Do you ever find yourself facing this dilemma? ‘I want to simplify my daily search tasks using ChatGPT, but it doesn’t always provide the latest information…’

In such situations, the browser extension tool ‘Glarity’ that we’re about to introduce can come to your rescue.

What Is Glarity

Glarity is a free browser extension tool that leverages ChatGPT to generate summaries of website content, including Google and YouTube videos. It can be added to browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, allowing you to summarize search results and video content with a single click (supporting 10 languages, including Japanese and English). Moreover, on YouTube, it not only summarizes video content but also evaluates videos on a scale of 10 based on the disparity between the actual content and the title(whether it is clickbait ).

Here is the official introductory video:

Glarity- Summary for Google/YouTube (ChatGPT) V1.1 — YouTube

(As both OpenAI and Glarity mention, the answers generated by ChatGPT may not always be perfect, so please be sure to verify the generated content.)

Notable Advantages of Glarity

Glarity’s convenience lies in its ability to allow you to customize prompts to guide ChatGPT in generating summaries. While there are other browser extension services using AI, Glarity distinguishes itself by enabling you to change prompts according to your preferences. The default prompt is simply ‘Summarize the above content highlights,’ but you can have it generate bullet point summaries or follow more detailed templates as needed.

How to Use Glarity

Installation is very straightforward and can be completed in just two steps!

  1. Choose the browser you want to add Glarity to from the Glarity download page and then click ‘Download.’
  2. Log in to ChatGPT (if you don’t have an account, you can create one here).

Afterward, simply perform searches in your browser or play videos on websites like YouTube, and Glarity will automatically generate summaries for you.

To enhance the quality of summaries, you can also copy and paste your ChatGPT (OpenAI) API key into Glarity.

For instructions on how to insert the API key, please refer to the following video.

How to use Glarity-Summary for Google/YouTube (ChatGPT)? — YouTube


This article introduced a free browser extension tool called ‘Glarity,’ which can generate summaries of website content. With ‘Glarity,’ you can easily make ChatGPT more efficient for your daily search tasks. If you are constantly busy and short on time, consider installing this tool.


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