Make your trip to Taiwan even more fun!

Have you ever wanted to have a casual conversation with a local while traveling in Taiwan?

Language barriers can reduce the fun of traveling by half.

Therefore, this time we will introduce a Taiwanese translation app that will be useful while traveling.

Points to consider when choosing an app

The important point when choosing a Taiwanese translation app is to consider the usage scenario. The functions required vary depending on the situation of use, such as travel, business, and daily life. Please consider the following points when choosing.

  • Does it have functions that match the scene you want to translate?
  • High accuracy of translation
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports the language you need
  • Is it free to use, or is the price of the paid version reasonable?

7 Taiwanese translation apps

1. DeepL Translation

Free iOS/Android

It is characterized by its ability to flexibly handle expressions that cannot be translated well with other tools, such as everyday expressions and idioms, and translate them into natural sentences. It also has a wide range of input support functions, such as reading text on paper with the camera and inputting voice with the microphone.

good point

  • A translation app that supports a wide range of vocabulary, including idiomatic phrases and everyday expressions.
  • Supports over 30 major languages ​​including English and French
  • Text taken with a camera and voice recorded with a microphone can also be translated.

2. Google Translate

Free iOS/Android

It supports over 130 languages, and translations are available in major languages ​​such as English, Chinese, and French. It also supports voice and camera input, making it useful in practical situations such as reading English newspapers and having conversations with foreign speakers.

good point

  • Over 130 languages ​​supported. An app that translates words and text you enter
  • Translate text using your camera. Leave the translation of paper documents and signboards to us.
  • Words spoken into the microphone can be instantly translated. Smartphone as an interpreter

3. Translated by Shun Felo

The world’s first RRT function! We use the latest AI technology to achieve both high-speed translation and high accuracy. Whether it’s face-to-face communication during international travel or international business meetings, Felo Shunyaku’s RRT feature makes communication smoother and more efficient.

good point

  • Supports over 15 languages ​​with simultaneous translation function
  • High speed and high accuracy translation is very popular
  • Automatically save conversations and translations

Compatibility: iOS download  |  Android download

4. VoiceTra – Voice Translation

Translation can be performed with accurate listening and simple operations, so what is said can be communicated smoothly. You can switch between over 30 languages, and some languages ​​can be automatically recognized, so you can respond even when someone suddenly speaks to you in a language you don’t know.

good point

  • A translation app that specializes in voice input and supports over 30 languages.
  • You can switch languages ​​with one touch, so you can quickly respond even if someone suddenly speaks to you.
  • Not only voice but also text input is OK. Peace of mind even when the audio is difficult to hear

5. Talking translator

It has a simple design and is easy to use. It also includes useful phrases for everyday expressions, airports, restaurants, etc. Audio can also be played, so even those who are not confident in their pronunciation can feel at ease.

good point

  • A conversation tool that allows you to immediately translate the language you speak or type into the other person’s language.
  • A large number of highly practical example sentences and audio of each language are included for each usable scene.
  • Supports over 100 languages. Be able to have conversations with people outside of English speaking countries

6.Photo translation

It’s very easy to use, just take a photo and it will be translated automatically. Furthermore, AI digitizes the information in the recognized text. If you take a photo of your phone number, URL, email address, etc., you can link it as is, which will help make your work more efficient.

good point

  • Supports a wide variety of languages ​​including English, Chinese, Dutch, and Arabic
  • Automatically digitize text information. URL automatically becomes linkable
  • Translation is possible just by holding it up. Translation displayed in AR space

7.iTranslate Translator

Free iOS / Android

iTranslate Voice is an app that allows you to easily translate voice by simply speaking into your smartphone’s microphone. It supports over 40 languages ​​and includes over 250 phrases. The design is easy to copy and share, making it easy to use. It is recommended as a convenient app for travel and communication.

good point

  • Easily translate voice by speaking into your smartphone’s microphone
  • Supports over 40 languages, allowing you to communicate in a wide range of languages
  • Equipped with over 250 phrases, you can easily use expressions that are useful for travel and daily life.
  • Easy to use, allowing you to copy, share, and export with just one tap
  • The translation is accompanied by audio, so even people who are not confident in their pronunciation can use it with confidence.


The Taiwanese translation app can translate in a variety of ways, including text, images, audio, conversations, and handwritten characters. Recommended apps include Felo Shun Translation . There are many free apps that are useful for language learning, so find the one that’s right for you.

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