This article introduces 30 top picks for Korean translation apps. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the demand for foreign language translation tools is on the rise. Korean, in particular, is gaining attention for business, travel, and enjoying Korean culture. We will introduce apps that make Korean translation convenient, explaining their features and how to choose them based on your usage scenario.

How to choose a good translation app

When selecting a Korean translation app, envisioning your usage scenario is crucial. The necessary features vary depending on whether you’re traveling, conducting business, or using it in daily life. Consider the following:

  • Does it have features suitable for your translation needs?
  • Is the translation accuracy high?
  • Is the interface user-friendly?
  • Does it support the languages you need?
  • Is it free, or is the cost of the premium version reasonable?

Top 30 Recommended Korean Translation Apps

For Business:

1.DeepL Translation

Free iOS/Android

Uniquely capable of handling expressions and idioms that other tools can’t, translating them into natural text. It offers robust input support functions, including reading documents with a camera and voice input.


  • Can translate a rich vocabulary including idioms and everyday expressions
  • Supports over 30 major languages including English and French
  • Can translate texts captured with a camera and voices recorded with a microphone

2.Google Translate

Free iOS/Android

Supports over 130 languages, including English, Chinese, and French. Also supports voice and camera input, making it practical for reading English newspapers and conversing with foreign speakers.


  • Supports over 130 languages, translating entered words or texts
  • Uses the camera to translate texts, ideal for translating documents or signs
  • Instantly translates words spoken to the microphone, acting as a translator

3.Weblio Korean Translation

Weblio offers this Korean-Japanese/Japanese-Korean translation app, efficiently translating between Korean and Japanese, handy for trips, composing emails, and social media posts.


  • Fast and efficient translation capability
  • Suitable for a wide range of scenarios, from daily life to business
  • Extensive vocabulary

4.Felo Translator

The world’s first with RRT functionality! Utilizes the latest AI technology for both high-speed and high-accuracy translations. Ideal for face-to-face communication during international travel and business meetings.


  • Simultaneous translation feature supports over 15 languages
  • Highly praised for its speed and accuracy
  • Automatically saves conversations and translations

🔗 iOS / Android

5.Translator – English, Korean, Chinese

High-accuracy text and voice translations, with the added capability of translating using an in-app camera. Supports enlargement of translation results and copy & paste, as well as voice reading.


  • Equipped with three high-accuracy, user-friendly translation functions. Handy for hospitality, travel, and foreign language learning
  • Supports voice reading and dark mode, offering great practicality
  • Allows users to save frequently used translations to favorites, creating a phrasebook

6.Scan & Translate Camera+ Text Grabber

Translates texts read from photos or screenshots, supporting over 90 languages, a significant strength of this app.


  • Uses OCR to accurately read text from photos, suitable for reading novels or articles
  • Supports long texts, perfect for reading novels or articles
  • Compatible with over 90 languages, including lesser-known ones like Tagalog

For Travel:

7.Papago – AI Interpretation & Translation

Free iOS/Android

Besides translating images and voices, it features a variety of functions like “Global Conversation” phrases for use in local conversations. Especially useful during overseas travel.


  • A tool that can accurately translate text, voice, and camera inputs
  • Contains a large number of English expressions for use while traveling, offering excellent practicality
  • Allows for offline translation if files are downloaded

8.Korean Translation – Photo Voice Translation App

Offers not just text translation but also dialogue and photo translation modes. Additionally, the app includes a useful collection of phrases, aiding in language learning before a trip.


  • Simple design, easy-to-use Korean translation app
  • Features “Dialogue Translation” that translates and displays conversations
  • Includes a collection of handy everyday conversations for peace of mind in tricky situations

9.Felo Translator

The world’s first RRT functionality! Employs the latest AI technology for both rapid translation and high accuracy. Facilitates smoother and more efficient communication during international travel and conferences.


  • Simultaneous translation feature supporting over 15 languages
  • Highly acclaimed for its speed and accuracy
  • Automatically saves conversations and translations
  • Available for iOS and Android download

🔗 iOS / Android

10.Miracle translator

A free, user-friendly language translation app powered by the latest ChatGPT technology. Even during overseas travels, this app, equipped with ChatGPT technology, proves to be a reliable companion for connecting with speakers of different languages.


  • Equipped with ChatGPT technology
  • Facilitates easy conversation with people from different cultures using face-to-face functionality
  • Can capture or import text within photos for translation


Accurate listening and simple operations allow for smooth transmission of each other’s statements. With the capability to switch between over 30 languages, some of which can be automatically identified, it’s handy when suddenly addressed in an unfamiliar language.


  • A translation app specialized for voice input, supporting over 30 languages
  • One-touch language switch, quick response when suddenly addressed
  • Supports not only voice but also text input for times when audio is hard to catch

12.Microsoft Translator

Downloading frequently used languages allows for offline usage. The accuracy of voice translation is also reliable, making it valuable for overseas travel or when asked for directions domestically.


  • Translates your spoken Japanese into English text on the other person’s smartphone, facilitating conversation
  • Contains a collection of phrases frequently used in greetings and orders for overseas travel
  • Features a convenient function for dialogue with up to 100 users in multiple languages

13.Translation King – Multilingual Translator

Captures text quickly through manual input, photo recognition, and voice recognition, translating text content with the translation engine. Essential for learning foreign languages and traveling abroad.


  • Allows for simultaneous translation and comparison with three engines
  • Possible to consult two dictionaries at the same time, enabling detailed research on meanings and usages

14.Talking Translator

Its simplicity and ease of use are appealing. It also includes useful phrases for everyday expressions, airports, and restaurants. Voices can be played, which is reassuring for those not confident in their pronunciation.


  • Converts spoken or typed languages into the other party’s language instantly
  • Contains practical examples and voices of various languages, organized by scenario
  • Supports over 100 languages, enabling conversation beyond the English-speaking world

15.AR Translator: Translate Photo 

Automatically translates photos taken, offering great convenience. Additionally, AI digitizes recognized text information. Photographing phone numbers, URLs, or email addresses instantly makes them clickable, aiding in work efficiency.


  • Supports a wide range of languages, including English, Chinese, Dutch, and Arabic
  • Digitizes text information automatically. URLs are converted to clickable links
  • Translates by simply pointing, with translations displayed in AR space


Identify the Korean translation app that best meets your needs for language learning, travel, or business. For more information on each app, please refer to the specified websites. Additionally, many more Korean translation apps are available; reviews and ratings can guide you to the best choice.

For more details on each app, please refer to the following sites:

I hope this concise summary effectively captures all 15 apps and their unique features, offering a complete guide to selecting the right Korean translation tool for your needs.

Additionally, there are many more Korean translation apps available. Consider app reviews and ratings to choose the one that fits you best.


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