Approximately 70% of people aged between 10 to 40 frequently use voice calls on smartphones, with the majority utilizing the device’s call function or LINE for communication in Japan.

(Quote data: Usage rate of LINE calls is close to 90% among people in their 10s to 20s – Mobile Society Research Institute survey)

Calls, whether for business or personal reasons, are a routine part of daily life. However, without a means to review conversations later, recording important discussions can be necessary. This is where apps that record call content come in handy.

In this article, we introduce the top 10 call recording apps available for both iPhone and Android users. We will also cover how to choose an app and introduce tools suitable for business use, so please use this as a reference.

Can We Record Calls on iPhone & Android?

Methods to Record Calls on iPhone and Android Devices: By default, the standard calling apps on iPhone and Android devices do not support recording calls. However, recording is possible using specific methods or apps.

For Android:
Enable call auto-recording in the standard calling app settings (no additional download required).
Download and use a call recording app from the Google Play Store.

For iPhone:
Record using a dedicated external microphone and voice recorder.
Connect the smartphone and voice recorder via Bluetooth to record the phone’s audio.

How to Choose a Call Recording App for iPhone and Android

Consider the following points when choosing an app:

Auto-recording feature: Ability to automatically record incoming and outgoing calls.
Recording quality: Clarity of the voice, minimal noise/ Easy to playback clear sound quality.
File format: Support for user-friendly formats such as MP3, WAV. Choose apps that support convenient file formats for sharing and saving.
App compatibility: Compatibility with the call apps you use, such as LINE, Zoom. Apps that support recording for various call apps like LINE or Skype are convenient.
Other features: Transcription, password lock, cloud storage, etc.

Top 10 Call Recording Apps for iPhone & Android

  1. Notta App/Web

High-precision voice recognition for both recording and transcription.
Compatible with iOS, Android, and PC.
Free plan available.

  1. Telephone Recorder (Lucky Mobile Apps)

App for Android.
Auto-recording feature, high-quality recording.
Simple operation.

  1. Call Recorder ACR+

Free app for iPhone.
Unlimited recording of incoming and outgoing calls.
Simple operation.

  1. Call Recorder RecMyCalls (Thomas Call)

App for iPhone.
Editing and sharing of recording data.
Simple operation.

  1. TapeACall:Call recorder (Epic Enterprises)

App for iPhone.
Auto-recording feature, high-precision transcription.
Background playback.

  1. Call recorder – Cube ACR

Compatible with iOS and Android.
Supports external apps like LINE, Skype.
High-quality recording, cloud backup.

  1. Call Recorder – Record Voice (Madduck)

Unlimited recording time for incoming and outgoing calls.
High-quality recording, one-tap transcription.
Password protection feature.

  1. CallMaster:Blocker&callerid

App for Android.
Nuisance call blocking feature.
Call recording feature.

  1. Automatic call recording 2024 (MMDevs)

App for Android.
Auto-recording feature, high-quality recording.
Cloud storage.

  1. Call Recorder (MeiHillMan)

App for Android.
Free to use.
Simple operation.

FAQs When Using Call Recording Apps

Q. Is call recording legally permitted?

A. Call recording must comply with the laws of the country or region, and usually requires the consent of the person on the call.

Q. Will the person on the call know I’m recording?

A. Depending on the app or tool used, there may be announcements or notifications during the call that indicate recording is taking place, which could inform the other party. Additionally, even if the app does not notify of recording, sharing screens during the call could reveal that recording is happening.


This article highlighted the top 10 excellent call recording apps for smartphones. We introduced key features to consider when selecting an app:

  • Option to automatically record calls
  • Quality and format of recordings
  • Compatibility with multiple popular call apps

Especially for iPhone and Android users, we recommend using Notta App or Notta Web for an effective and convenient way to record calls. Notta employs high-quality voice recognition technology to offer both recording and transcription, aiding in documenting important conversations.

For those specifically looking for ways to record calls on iPhone, please check here:

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