In today’s fast-paced world, managing your schedule across multiple devices like smartphones and tablets, and sharing those plans with friends and family, makes coordinating plans much simpler and is incredibly important.

This article introduces several optimal applications for schedule sharing, explaining how to select them based on certain criteria. Be sure to check it out.

What is Schedule Sharing?

Schedule sharing allows multiple people to use the same application or service to view and edit each other’s schedules. This functionality makes it easier to manage work schedules and plan holidays. Schedule sharing apps can be utilized for both work and personal life, offering a convenient tool to check schedules without needing to communicate directly.

Key Points When Choosing a Schedule Sharing App

When choosing a schedule sharing app, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Functionality: Calendar views, data synchronization, auto-save, reminders, notifications, color-coding.
  • Ease of Use: Screen readability, user interface, data input assistance.
  • Customizability: Custom categories and fields.
  • App Strengths: Automated booking, calendar syncing, reminder sending.
  • Security: Data protection.
  • Integration with Other Services: LINE, Slack, chat tools.

Top 10 Recommended Schedule Sharing Apps

1.Google Calendar:

Provided by Google, this app allows easy synchronization with the PC version and integrates well with other external apps. It’s highly convenient for those who regularly use Google services.


Simple and user-friendly, recommended for families or couples. Specializes in sharing schedules among friends, families, or couples, with the ability to create calendars for each group for smooth schedule coordination.


Designed exclusively for couples, offering a private space for two. It features anniversary reminders and photo sharing, catering specifically to couples.


Specialized for business use, adding calendar and address book functionalities to LINE’s features, making it easier to separate private life from work.

5.Yahoo! Calendar:

Provided by Yahoo!, this app offers intuitive operation and diverse schedule management and sharing capabilities, with extensive external service integration.


Prioritizes ease of use, allowing the management of multiple calendars and smooth schedule coordination with family and friends through an intuitive UI.


Specializes in group schedule sharing, supporting calendar, memo, and photo sharing to enrich group communication.

8.Everyone’s Vertical Calendar:

Specializes in vertical calendar displays for easy, intuitive schedule viewing. Allows editing permissions for all members, making sharing straightforward.

9.Simple Calendar:

Focuses on usability, simplifying basic schedule management features for ease of use. Allows detailed customizations.


Visually clear calendar app, allowing intuitive management of tasks and schedule blocks, facilitating easy time management and schedule editing.

Tips for Schedule Sharing

When sharing schedules, consider the following:

  • Setting Sharing Rules: Establish rules, such as which events are marked with which colors, and ensure all members are informed.
  • Categorizing: Separating calendars by event type can help protect privacy and organize schedules better.

In conclusion

In summary, this article has covered how to choose a schedule sharing app, recommended apps, and tips for sharing schedules. By considering these points, you can select the app that best fits you or your group, achieving efficient schedule management.

Finally, using schedule sharing apps can significantly ease our lives and work, enhancing communication. Choosing and setting up the right app to meet individual needs can greatly improve schedule management efficiency. However, it’s important to remember to set sharing rules and protect privacy in the process, ensuring safe and effective app usage. We hope this article helps in your search for the perfect schedule management and sharing app. In the ever-changing digital world, new apps and features emerge daily. Keep up with the latest information to find the tools that best fit your lifestyle.

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