Want to convert the audio from an mp4 video to mp3?

For those of you, here are five recommended sites for converting mp4 to mp3.

When you want to convert an MP4 file, a standard video file format, to an easily usable MP3 audio file, using a dedicated conversion site is convenient. We explain in detail the features, advantages and disadvantages, and recommended points of each site, so you can find the perfect site for you.

Key Points of the Article

  • Points to consider when choosing an mp4 to mp3 conversion site
  • Detailed information on the recommended top 5 sites
  • How to choose the right site for you

1. Points to Consider When Choosing an mp4 to mp3 Conversion Site

When choosing an mp4 to mp3 conversion site, check the following points:

  • Supported File Formats: Check if the site supports formats other than mp4 and mp3.
  • Conversion Speed: Conversion that takes too long can be stressful. Choose a site that supports fast conversion.
  • Features: Sites that allow detailed settings for bit rate, sample rate, etc., are recommended for those concerned about sound quality.
  • Security: If you are converting files containing personal or confidential information, choose a site with solid security measures.
  • Ease of Use: Sites that are easy to operate and understand are safe for beginners to use.

2. Top 5 Recommended Sites

1. Online Audio Converter

Features: Supports over 300 file formats with solid security measures.


  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • Solid security measures
  • Efficient work with batch conversion feature


  • The free plan has a limit on the file size that can be converted
  • Limited support in Japanese

Recommended Point: Supports a wide range of file formats and has solid security measures, making it recommended for business scenes.

2. MP4 MP3 Conversion

Features: Simplified design eliminating unnecessary functions. Easy for anyone to operate.


  • Simple and easy-to-understand operation screen
  • Supports 52 types of file formats
  • Efficient work with batch conversion feature


  • Few advanced setting functions
  • The free plan has a limit on the file size that can be converted

Recommended Point: Simple and easy-to-understand operation screen. Recommended for those who simply want to convert to mp3.

3. MP4 to MP3 converter

Features: Simple and easy-to-use operation screen. Files up to 100MB can be used without signing up.


  • Easy conversion with drag & drop
  • Possible to adjust audio quality with advanced settings
  • Free for files up to 100MB


  • Files over 100MB require payment
  • No batch conversion feature

Recommended Point: A balance between a simple operation screen and advanced setting functions. Recommended for those concerned about audio quality.

4. Convert MP4 to MP3

Features: Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive. More advanced conversion is possible with Wondershare UniConverter.


  • Smooth operation with Dropbox/Google Drive integration
  • Advanced conversion with Wondershare UniConverter
  • Supports a wide range of file formats


  • The free plan has a limit on the file size that can be converted
  • Wondershare UniConverter is paid

Recommended Point: Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive. More advanced conversion is possible with Wondershare UniConverter.

5. MP4 MP3 Conversion – Convert Audio Files Online

Features: Equipped with video editing functions. Can convert to MP3 as well as AAC, WAV, etc.


  • Cut unnecessary parts with video editing functions
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Manage conversion history with log function


  • The free plan has a limit on the file size that can be converted
  • Advertisements are displayed

Recommended Point: Equipped with video editing functions. Supports multiple file formats, making it usable for a wide range of purposes.

3.How to choose a site & Conclusion

Refer to the above five sites and choose the site that suits you based on the following points:

  • File Size to be Converted: Check the limitations of the free plan
  • Required Functions: Presence or absence of advanced setting functions and editing functions

Compare the features of each site and choose the one that fits your purposes and goals.


  • Depending on the conversion site, uploading or downloading files may take time.
  • The quality of the converted audio may vary depending on the quality of the original file and conversion settings.
  • Some sites may require entering personal information or membership registration.
  • Be mindful of these points and safely convert from MP4 to MP3.

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