What is Glarity:

Glarity is a productivity tool developed by Sparticle Corporation, which is available only in browsers without the need for downloading. In addition to its convenient summarization feature, it has functions such as F&Q chat, PDF reservation, enabling users to grasp text within seconds, contributing to individual efficiency and enhancing corporate productivity.
With the release of Glarity 4.5.9, the information collection revolution is further accelerated!
Glarity, as a browser extension (including Chrome), is a tool that summarizes Google search results, YouTube videos, and content from all web pages. It provides users worldwide with a more efficient way to access and understand internet information.

Three features of Glarity:

  1. Enhanced question and answer function: Understands the entire context and provides more accurate and suitable answers to requests.
  2. Support for local PDF files: Streamlines information filtering and summarization through questions about PDF files.
  3. Summarization of YouTube videos without subtitles: Concisely understand video content regardless of length or the presence of subtitles.
    Innovative information processing brought by Glarity
    In addition to summarizing information, Glarity also provides various functions such as obtaining source lists of information, generating content shareable on social media, and deep understanding through question and answer after summarization.

Benefits of introducing Glarity

  • Shortened information collection time
  • Deepened understanding of information
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Strengthened competitiveness

Glarity is recommended by prominent media such as Nikkei Plus.

Glarity currently boasts over 170,000 users and is recommended by prominent media such as Nikkei Plus.

  • The release of Glarity 4.5.9 innovates the way information is acquired and processed, changing how people interact with the internet. This can be seen as the true beginning of the AI era.
    About Glarity
  • Official account: https://twitter.com/Glarity_summary
  • Community: https://discord.gg/AHchujpkf6

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