1.Felo Translator

Available for: iOS | Andriod 

Felo Translator is an AI real-time translation APP equipped with the GPT-4 engine and utilizes Real-time Rewrite Translation (RRT) technology. It features fast and accurate speech recognition, achieving high-level translation speed and quality, making real-time translation on mobile phones a reality.

It supports over 15 languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, and more. The app allows translation through voice input. Felo Translator can automatically detect the languages spoken by both parties, eliminating the need for manual language switching during communication.

Additionally, it supports automatic archiving of conversations and translation content, stored in the cloud for multi-device synchronization.

Whether you are engaged in face-to-face communication during international travel or participating in international conferences, seminars, trade exhibitions, or multinational company meetings,Felo Translator can help improve communication efficiency.

Recently, Felo Translator released the Android Beta version, gaining the top spot on Product Hunt’s New Product Recommendations daily list. The Android Beta version is completely free, showcasing outstanding performance.

In this era of AI, Felo Translator is undoubtedly an essential intelligent assistant for meeting diverse language needs and overcoming communication barriers.

2.Google Translate

Available for: iOS | Android

Google Translate is a powerful and versatile translation software that supports 133 languages, including mainstream languages such as English, French, Chinese, Korean, and many regional languages. Users can input text or use voice for translation on the web, and the app version also supports handwriting input for translation.

Google Translate app comes with various convenient features such as instant camera translation, photo translation, conversation mode translation, and offline functionality. Users can save translation results in a personalized phrasebook for future reference.

Despite some minor nuances in language nuances, Google Translate is widely loved by users due to its free usage advantage. Overall, its comprehensive features, translation accuracy, and extensive language support make it an essential translation tool for seamless communication worldwide.


Available for: iOS | Android

DeepL is a high-precision AI translation tool using neural networks, standing out for its multifunctionality and accuracy. It supports over 30 languages, allowing users to achieve smooth translation through text, voice, images, and files, quickly and reliably.

After the upgrade, DeepL also provides the functionality to edit translated document data, effectively improving work efficiency. For professional users, DeepL offers advanced features, including adjusting translation tone and deepening language understanding to meet different user needs.

Furthermore, the application is equipped with a dictionary function, allowing users to immediately confirm the meaning of unfamiliar words encountered in the original or translated files by clicking on the target word, eliminating the hassle of opening new tabs for queries.

DeepL is not only powerful but also free, offering a range of features such as speech-to-text, text-to-speech, dark mode, enhancing the overall user experience. It supports offline functionality, meeting users’ translation needs in remote areas.

4.Microsoft Translator

Available for: iOS | Android

Microsoft Translator is a multifunctional software aimed at breaking communication barriers for travelers. The app provides free text, voice, and image translation services for over 100 languages. Its chapter and record features allow users to browse group conversations to understand and participate in ongoing discussions easily.

Additionally, Microsoft Translator offers offline functionality, allowing users to use basic translation features without a continuous internet connection, enhancing the user experience.


Available for: iOS | Android

iTranslate is a versatile translation tool supporting over 100 languages (text translation for over 100 languages and voice translation for 40 languages). It supports text and voice translation, as well as the customization of a phrasebook for personalized language learning. iTranslate also supports offline mode. However, if you want to use features like camera translation, conversation translation, website translation, and offline mode, upgrading to the premium version is required.


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