In our previous series of feature introductions, we covered four major functionalities, and if you’ve been following our articles, you might have noticed that whether it’s in YouTube videos or Google searches, Glarity supports intelligent Q&A. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg for “Ask Anything!” This article will unveil the full spectrum of “Ask Anything.”


  1. Universal Inquiry: The key advantage of “Ask Anything” lies in its universality. You can pose questions about any aspect of the current webpage, making it a versatile tool for gathering information seamlessly.
  2. Contextual Understanding: With “Ask Anything,” Glarity can promptly address your questions right on the current page. This feature eliminates the need for extensive searches on separate pages, providing you with precise information without the hassle of additional navigation.

Usage and Operation:

  1. Installation: Start by visiting our official website to install Glarity. [Official Website Link:]
  2. One-Click Inquiry Activation: Once installed, with a simple click on the Glarity icon, the tool will summarize the current page and prompt a query box. As soon as you see the question box, you can start typing any questions related to the current page!
    • Asking questions in a blog article:

Example Use Cases:

Whether it’s a short tweet or a lengthy research paper, feel free to ask Glarity anytime! We especially recommend using this feature during extensive reading sessions. If you encounter unfamiliar concepts that leave you puzzled while reading, simply inquire with Glarity for immediate answers, eliminating the need to switch to Google for a search.

  1. Asking questions in a Twitter Tweet :

2.Asking questions in a PubMed Medical Paper :

Future Development & Summary:

The “Ask Anything” feature enhances your reading experience, making information retrieval smoother and more intuitive through direct inquiries. In the future, we aim to enhance this feature, refining its capabilities to handle even more diverse contexts and platforms. Stay tuned for more updates as we evolve and expand our offerings.


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