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Sparticle Corporation has announced the pricing and invitation campaign for their AI product, Felo Subtitles. In this campaign, both the inviter and invitee can receive benefits, and the rewards increase based on the number of invitations.

Sparticle Corporation, a technology company based in Chuo Ward, Japan, has announced the pricing for its innovative AI product, “Felo Subtitles.” Felo Subtitles is a groundbreaking tool that generates real-time bidirectional subtitles and finds applications in various scenarios such as YouTube Live viewing, language learning, and meetings. The pricing is set at JPY¥40,000 for 1,500 minutes.

Furthermore, Felo Subtitles is running an invitation campaign where participants can earn subtitle time as rewards. Both the inviter and invitee can benefit from this campaign. By inviting friends, you can earn 30 minutes of subtitle time. Additionally, as the number of invites increases, so do the rewards.

Participating in the invitation campaign is easy. First, share the invitation link with your friends. Next, your friends need to create an account, install the Felo Subtitles extension, and log in. Finally, both you and your friends can earn rewards together.

Felo Subtitles serves as an innovative tool to overcome language barriers and facilitate effective communication. For instance, during YouTube Live viewing, viewers can enjoy content in various languages and accurately understand the content through automatically generated subtitles. Language learners can use Felo Subtitles to watch Japanese TV dramas and variety shows, enhancing their listening skills and vocabulary. Additionally, in meetings, participants speaking different languages can communicate smoothly and make effective decisions.

Take this opportunity to earn rewards with your friends and experience the fantastic features of Felo Subtitles. Let’s break down the language barrier and explore a new world of communication.

[Please Note] For detailed information about this campaign and how to claim rewards, please visit the official website. Campaign duration and conditions are subject to change without notice, so please refer to the latest information. Official Website

[Company Overview] Sparticle Corporation is a technology company headquartered in Chuo Ward, Japan. Felo Subtitles is one of their innovative products contributing to the promotion of multilingual communication. Learn More


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